Hangsterfer's 5040

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Hangsterfers semi-sythetics, like 5040 are chlorine-free, vegetable based micro-emulsion semi-synthetic coolants that represents the Next Generation in technology. The unique characteristics of our semi-sythetics allow for excellent results high-pressure applications with exotic aerospace and medical alloys. The natural translucent formula provides good work piece visibility, very low consumption, and often reduces coolant consumption by more than 20%! 5040 is non-hazardous, non-toxic, contains no noxious chemicals, is low-odor, mild to the skin, does not damage paint, and is compatible with machine elastomers. Additionally, the 5040 low hydrocarbon formula utilizes special vegetable derived ingredients to achieve outstanding results in a wide variety of applications. The unique lubricity characteristics of 5040 allow for manufacturing of ferrous to non-ferrous materials.