6011 Stick Electrode 10lb Container

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AWS A5.1 CLASS E6011




E6011 electrodes have the same characteristics as E6010; however unlike the E6010, this electrode may be used with small AC welders as well as DC types. E6011 high cellulose coated electrodes provide excellent arc stability, increased ductility, high deposition efficiency and low spatter. This electrode combines a strong arc force with fast solidification of weld metal, thereby permitting vertical or overhead as well as flat and horizontal welding positions. E6011 is especially suited for welding where poor groove fit-up and rusty or oily steel is present.

Typical Applications

E6011 is commonly used as an all purpose electrode for automobile body shops and mild steel farm equipment. Other uses would include shipbuilding, bridges, boilers, barges, railroad cars, pipes, truck frames, pressure vessels, storage tanks and galvanized steel.