Tweco® Model 14H-52 .052" 14H Series Heavy Duty Contact Tip For 200 - 400A No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 And Spray Master® Series MIG Guns (25 Pack)

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  • Tweco® Heavy Duty Contact Tip accommodates 0.052" wire and is perfect for use with 200 - 400 A Tweco® No.2, No.3 and No.4 MIG guns as well as specific MIG gun series. Contact tip with excellent electrical properties is ideal for use in heavy duty welding application up to 400 A. It features part number and wire diameter for easy identification. 1.47" Contact tip with 1/4"-28 UNF-2A thread size has 0.064" nominal ID and 0.283" OD. Contact tip is made from extruded or gun-drilled 122 DHP copper alloy and machined from a copper alloy tubing to offer a consistent as well as smooth surface of inside diameter with +/-0.003" tolerance. It has threaded style that ensures proper contact with a gas diffuser when installed to the MIG gun. It comes in slip-on or thread-on nozzle styles with a choice of diameter bore sizes. Contact tip locks in place when twisted and offers better electrical conductivity with increased surface contact. Contact tip features thick-walled design that acts like a heat sink conducting heat away from the arc source. It can be twisted quarter turn clockwise when tip wear point is reached that reveals a new wear point for doubling the life of the tip. Contact tip is sold as 25 per pack.


  • Easy identification - each contact tip is marked showing part no and wire diameter
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Inside diameter tolerance is held to +/-.003 in
  • Threaded style contact tip to ensure proper contact with a gas diffuser when installed to the MIG gun
  • Machined from a copper alloy tubing providing a consistent and smooth inside diameter surface
  • Twist it and it locks in place
  • No threads to worry about
  • Increased surface contact between contact tip/diffuser for better electrical conductivity
  • Twist it quarter turn clockwise
  • Use genuine Tweco® accessories, parts, and consumables to protect the quality of your welds and the life of your gun
  • When tip wear point is reached after use, twist it half turn counter-clockwise to expose a new wear point
  • This doubles the life of the tip
  • Thick-walled diffuser design acts as “heat sink” and conducts heat away from the arc source
  • Increases electrical conductive surface area and thereby increases electrical conductivity


  • Used in heavy duty welding application up to 400 Amp